We've heard you - all the complaints about low-quality online hackathons, weird judging systems, constrictive prizing systems, etc. - the list goes on. That's why at DVHacks III, even though we're going online, we hope to address your concerns and run a hackathon truly catering to the makers.

Want to learn more? Check out our website at DVHacks - especially the about page! 

If you have any inquiries after viewing our website, please email our information account. Happy Hacking!


DVHacks is open to any student ranging from 6th grade to 12th grade in the US education system, or an equivalent in international systems. Due to the circumstances imposed by COVID-19, we'll also be accepting registrations from 1st-year undergraduate students. Please note that if you are competing from outside the US, you may have to pay shipping costs in the event that you win a prize of some kind.

We'll be capping team sizes at 4 this year - that's a hard cap, with absolutely no exceptions.


DVHacks III has no real specification on what type of projects you can submit - as long as it's a hardware/software project that you're submitting, you're in the clear! Just make sure that you follow the regulations set forth in the rules.

Aside from the materials mentioned in the rules, we also humbly request that you submit a "formal" (it's okay to write it casually) writeup regarding your project. We're interested in learning about your creativity and your making process - tell us all about why your project exists, what it is, how you made it, the challenges you faced, etc. We want to see how you made your project, not just what it is! We welcome multimedia attachments in this writeup, including pictures, video demos, links to live demos, etc. We'll leave the interpretation up to you! While there's no formal word minimum/cap, remember that the judges are human - we are only as good as the information we are provided, but we also don't want to read a 20 page braindump written in nonsensical technical jargon. Write as much as you think is necessary to explain your project, in the way that you think makes it easiest for an engineer to understand and reproduce your work.

That being said, we're looking for your ability as a maker, not your capacity as a marketing professional. While impressive, we're not looking for a 50-slide deck with a pitch about why your new AI-enabled security system is going to take the world by storm. We're far more interested in a little bit about the challenges you faced, and how you solved those problems. Keep in mind: we aren't venture capitalists, we're engineers! 

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$6,700 in prizes

4x $200 Visa Gift Card

Awarded to the overall 1st prize winner. Note that one gift card will be awarded per person.

4x $100 Visa Gift Cards

Awarded to the overall 2nd prize winner. Note that one gift card will be awarded per person.

4x $50 Visa Gift Cards

Awarded to the overall 3rd prize winner. Note that one gift card will be awarded per person.

32x Prize Pool Draw

Your pick of one prize from our $5300 prize pool - check the about page of our website for more information! This will be awarded on a one-prize-per-person basis to each team that wins one of 8 awards that we offer (including the top three)!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:



Judging Criteria

  • Technical Difficulty
    How hard was the project to create?
  • Polish
    How well-polished is your project? If we were to give it to someone who needed something that does what your project does, would they be able to use it?
  • Creativity
    Did you make the next wheel or a virtual paradise for pink fluffy unicorns? We really hope it's the latter.
  • ONLY FOR SOCIAL GOOD - Viability
    How practical is your social good project in affecting the community in the way you want it to?
  • ONLY FOR BEGINNERS - Improvement
    You probably just finished one of your first hackathons. What did you learn along the way? What challenges did you learn to overcome? (How many times did you have a syntax error?)

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